Terms & Conditions

With the approval of final art layout & invoice/quote, along with your arrangement of payment you agree to Darndawg Custom T-Shirts Terms & Conditions.


Darndawg Custom T-Shirts (DCT) strives to keep our standard turnaround time between 7-14 days. During peak seasons turnaround times can vary. If a client needs garments in hand by a specific date please notify DCT before you finalize your approval. Turnaround times begin when final approval of order and artwork have been made and do not include shipping times. Once final approval has been made/received, no further changes can be made to the layout.


Payment in full is due at the time of apparel pick-up or delivery, unless other arrangements have been made with DCT. Upon payment of invoice you take full liability for any submitted artwork/designs. We will assume you have gone through the proper channels to get permission for copyright artwork/logos. We do not contact artists/designers.


All orders are subject to a 3-5% underage in any print run. DCT will not be held liable for an underage in a completed run within the 3-5% allowance. In the case of an underage exceeding 5% DCT will reprint the needed garments. Due to these allowances DCT highly recommends that the client orders extra garments for each size.


All garments are sewn by hand in factories all around the world. DCT does not produce any garments in house. Therefore, DCT will not be held liable for manufacturer defects such as holes, stitching, sizing issues, and/or dye color inconsistencies.

DCT attempts to remove any defective garments before printing and completion of an order, but can occasionally miss a garment’s defectiveness. If it is found that a defective garment was delivered, DCT will issue a refund for defective garments upon receipt of returned defective garments. The client will be responsible for return shipping. If the defective garments cannot be returned, DCT will issue a credit of an equal amount of the defective garment to the client’s account. DCT does not offer reprints on defective garments, unless the defect is present on 5% or more of the total order.


DCT does not stock any blank garments. Therefore, DCT cannot guarantee stock levels of any specific garment from DCT wholesalers. DCT will not be held liable if stock issues cause a delay in an order and therefore jeopardize completion in an agreed upon delivery and/or due date. In the case a garment is out of stock or discontinued, the client will be notified immediately and provided with alternative options for replacement garments.


The printing industry is very spoilage prone, the inherent risk run by having the customer supply their own items for printing, is that some of those items may be damaged in the printing process. Customer supplied items cannot be replaced once spoiled. While the printing charges of any spoiled item will be removed from the customer's invoice, the spoiled items will not be refunded or reimbursed for.  Thus, the recommendation for anyone desiring to supply their own items, is to supply 1-3 test garments, as well as 3-10% additional items from what the desired end product count would be. Any additional items provided for spoilage mitigation or test printing need to be identical to those in the majority of the run in order to ensure that any spoilage does not affect the desired outcome, in the rare chance that it occurs.


It is the client’s responsibility to review and approve layouts and invoices/quote for correct print size, placement, spelling errors, shirt style(model number), manufacturer’s’ specified garment color, ink colors and quantities. DCT will not be held liable for any errors in approved layouts and invoices/quote. If errors occur that do not match an approved and finalized layout and invoice/quote, DCT will reprint the order to match the approved and finalized layout and invoice/quote at no cost to the client.


DCT uses a Pantone approved mixing system to mix Pantone ink colors, which are then compared to the Pantone Solid Coated color book. Due to the nature of screen printing, DCT cannot guarantee 100% color accuracy when printing with plastisol, water ­based, or discharge ink.

Further, DCT will not be held liable if Pantone hues vary slightly on dark or medium colored garments with an under-base white or no under-base white and when printed on white or light colored garments.  When printing with Discharge inks, DCT will not be held liable for Pantone hues that vary drastically, due to the nature of Discharge ink and its unpredictability on different fabric blends and manufacturer’s dyes in the garments being printed.


DCT will print every order in standard print placements; 1­-4 inches below bottom collar depending on design and garment style. It is the clients responsibility to provide a specific print placement if it is desired.  DCT will not be held liable for placement of printing if a print placement was not specified by client.


Once final approval has been received, all orders have a 24 hour cancellation window. Any cancellation after a 24 hour window, customer will be charged and responsible for payment for any work that has been completed up to this time. 


All claims of unsatisfactory products will be considered within 72hrs of delivery. If the products are returned for inspection and possible reprinting, all product must be shipped or returned to DCT within 2 weeks of unsatisfactory claims. Upon inspection, DCT will reprint the order if any discrepancies are found between approved and finalized layout and invoice/quote, and the delivered product.  If DCT deems the product satisfactory within the approved and finalized layout and invoice/quote, DCT will not be liable for any and all shipping charges incurred.

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